HopeStone puts the Catholic Church teachings into adventurous, practical, creative and easy to understand experiences. Our programs fuse valuable teachings with recreation in hopes of engaging participants to physically, emotionally and spiritually experience their faith.

The Christian journey begins with an encounter with the risen Lord!

Founders: The Leitmanns’

Our Passion

Growing up, both Stacey and I have had the most amazing and life changing experience of encountering Jesus Christ, the risen Lord at; retreats, camps, rallies, World Youth Days and concerts. The reason we got involved as leaders, counselors and organizers is because of what we were able to experience.

We witnessed Christ working in others and in ourselves. We saw and felt the light of Christ. Because of that, we want to share this light of Christ with others… it’s what we’re called to do. Our faith and love in God is what ties it all together…He is the beginning and the end… and every part in-between.

We want to bring sports, recreation,  leadership, training and education to young people…but anchored in Faith. Our faith is not something we consider one hour once a week…it’s every second of every day.

We believe our faith is found in experiences.

God bless,

Peter & Stacey Leitmann