Reflection Conference

This is an all day conference for students (grade 9 or 10) focusing on self-esteem, self-worth, mental health and their own reflection. The day typically runs from about 10:00-2:00pm with ice breakers, talks, testimonies, physical activities, contemplative activities and prayer. Mass can be coordinated by the school of interest. We invite about 75-250 students to attend the day. Schools may organize a location of their choice, we recommend a large location with both a church and a large hall break out space.

How do others perceive us? How do we view ourselves? Oftentimes our own reflection is distorted by our peers, the culture, our mental health and more. When we dive into faith and realize that we are God’s creations, that reflection is transformed. Designed for a large group, this day is full of interactive games, powerful testimonies and a time for each student to reflect on their own identity.

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