HopeStone is a Not-For-Profit Organization.

Our mission is for the Glory of God.


What influenced HopeStone to begin?

Peter and Stacey met in 2004 at St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto, while completing their Youth Ministry Certificate program. By the end of the two year course, Peter and Stacey knew that by the grace of God, they would not only one day be married, but that they were called to minister to young people together. The Leitmanns were married in 2009 and continue to discern God’s will for their lives and ministry and are prepared to fearlessly follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
Fast forward to today: HopeStone Catholic Formation – an organization dedicated to giving a real, genuine opportunity for an encounter with God the Father. The last two years have been spent building and solidifying our content and retreat programs and we can say with confidence there is a special quality within a HopeStone retreat – that lives can and have been changed.

Why Donate to HopeStone?

We hope to grow our team and spread across the Archdiocese of Toronto to offer these high quality retreats and programs. Often there are youth or young adults that want to attend program or retreats and cannot afford to for whatever reason. A portion of donations will go to assist any parish or family that needs assistance. Help us bring others the opportunity to experience something they might not.

What is the HopeStone Dream?

The long term goal is to open up a Catholic retreat centre. It has been a dream and calling to do so for over 10 years. God doesn’t always reveal HOW we are going to get there; He just places a desire and drive in us to find a way – and He provides. We hope to have a centre to run retreats, camps, community meetings, organization meetings and much more for the entire Catholic Community. We can only do this with the generosity of others. We will continue to post and make reference to our progress as this happens. Today we will run retreats from your parish – in the future we will have a place to call home and welcome all HopeStone families.

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