Elementary School Retreats

Invite HopeStone to come facilitate and run your retreat.

We provide guest speakers, facilitators and musicians can be requested. While we do host specific retreats for each grade, we can also personalize a retreat to your specific topic or theme with enough notice.

Contact us directly with dates, length of day and number of participants for prices.

hopestone-confirm-icon Elementary Retreats

Grade 5//6:


This retreat focuses on assisting students to see the need to come together, in all aspects of their lives; reminding them that we cannot walk together, if we cannot stand together. They will be challenged to participate in active and practical exercises to reach out to people who are not in their typical friendship circles. The activities will help to foster a community of respect. Students will be shown the little ways they can bring joy and love to those around them, and should leave inspired to walk with others.

Grade 7:

Confirmation Retreats

Whether through the school or parish – HopeStone will come and run a Confirmation retreat for and with you.  This  fun, challenging and engaging day focuses on understanding what confirmation means for participant’s with the seal of the Holy Spirit and God’s mark in their lives. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from our dynamic speakers, small group discussion, games and a time for mass or reconciliation can be arranged.

Grade 7/8:


The theme of this day is “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.”

This very interactive retreat focuses on what Mercy is within our faith, our schools, our families and ourselves. We travel through different stories and give practical steps to countering the cruelty and selfishness of our world. Students will be submerged in opportunities to act mercifully through physical and hands-on activities. We strive to assist students in realizing how a simple act of kindness, patience and bravery can, in fact, change the lives of those around them. This retreat acts as a bridge between elementary school and high school for grade 8 students.

Grade 8:


This navigation retreat focuses on our desire to know our mission (after Confirmation). Throughout the day our team will journey with your youth by providing opportunities for discussion and hands on learning activities that allow young people to work through the truth that is being presented to them. Our dynamic speakers will encourage youth to develop a greater understanding in the question of personal, community and global existence; and this understanding will fuel courage and steadfastness in times where teens feel lost and directionless. At the end of our retreat youth will find comfort in knowing the Holy Spirit as a movement of God.