High School Retreats

Invite HopeStone to come facilitate and run your retreat.

We provide guest speakers, facilitators and musicians can be requested. While we do host a specific retreat for each grade, we can also personalize a retreat to your specific topic or theme. We have a list below of additional retreat topics. We do not currently have a facility of our own, our team comes to you – church, school, community centre, etc.

hopestone-icon High School Retreat Programs

Grade 9/10:


Where am I in my life? What’s the war I’ve been placed into? Students are faced with many choices and sometimes do not have the proper gear to feel fully equipped for battle. Through different activities and discussions, students will discover what type of solider they are and what armour the Church provides them. Helping to equip them to meet the day to day challenges they face in their own personal battlefield.

Grade 10/11:


Students are reaching a higher level of understanding and maturity in their journey of faith. This day takes a look at stepping outside of our comfort zone, and experiencing the thrills and confronting the fears of being called to be a part of something greater. Taking a deeper plunge into how our choices and decisions affect those around us,  especially within our own lives. Students will also discover that they are not alone and need not be afraid.

Grade 10/11:


This retreat is focused around our connections with our families, friends and our relationships. Looking at what drives our desire for the connections that we have from the past, present and future. How students use filters to protect themselves and how they use filters to establish what they want others to know or not know about them. Students will dive into the difference of what key traits others are defining them by verses who they truly are – or want to be!

Grade 11/12:


This retreat is VERY hands on! Using activities, different forms of media and a small social project. We look at the 7 themes of Catholic Social Teachings. Students will discuss their worth and exactly how their actions can affect those near and far. Focus will be given to when we are loveable, our promise as mankind and how the world needs our young people to take action.

Grade 12:


Students are reaching a time of major life decisions, greater responsibility and independence. This day will look at what students will truly be faced with once they leave high school and venture into “The Real World”. Equipping students with the appropriate tools to strengthen, maintain and defend their faith. Challenging students to take a real hard look into their own lives, their habits and how they will battle the secular world gracefully.


  • Sacrament of Confirmation
  • Pro-life Issues
  • Christian Leadership
  • Customized Retreats Available
  • Team Building founded in faith lessons
  • Bible/Program Series

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