Praise & Worship Facilitation

HopeStone would like to give opportunities to schools, parishes and beyond to hear the voice of God through music. Humans are connected to music to a degree we will never understand – stirs up emotions of joy, happiness, sadness, sorrow and healing. Our Musicians are trained and very passionate about leading music. Invite one of our worship leaders to give your group of choice an experience through music.

Worship leaders can also assist with:

  • Liturgical music – understanding the importance and beauty of music at Mass. Learning what songs you should and should not do during Mass.
  • Ministry – incorporating music into all aspects of ministry… For fun and games, for prayer and worship, for praise and adoration
  • Adoration – using music as a tool to praise Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Band dynamic – for groups who already have music within their ministry…
  • Tips and tricks for how we can all serve Christ with the gifts and talents he’s given us.

Contact us to arrange a day of worship or to have a HopeStone musician assist in another area of music!