Elementary and High School Guest Speaking

Invite HopeStone to come and speak at your event.

Arrange for a special class visit, entire grade assembly, whole school assembly or a personalized event. HopeStone will send a speaker to come and talk to your group for a period of time at a location of your choice – we can also assist in arranging for a musical guest to lead students through a musical experience.

Refiner’s Revival- Young Adult Ministry

HopeStone will be hosting events during the year at different locations across the GTA. These events will be a night of Refiners Revival (R&R) on a variety of topics. The evening will begin with Praise and Worship, then into a talk with a speaker, followed by Eucharistic Adoration and then a social gathering with snacks and drinks.

The upcoming Refiner’s Revival will be on the topic “The Power of Prayer”, details to be confirmed shortly.