Sacramental: Confirmation Retreats

Whether through the school or parish – HopeStone will come and run a Confirmation retreat for and with you.  This  fun, challenging and engaging day focuses on understanding what confirmation means for participant’s with the seal of the Holy Spirit and God’s mark in their lives. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from our dynamic speakers, small group discussion, games and a time for mass or reconciliations can be arranged.


Our team at HopeStone would like to assist your parish and school in arranging for the confirmation retreats for the 2017-2018 year. Our team would like to give your candidates the opportunity during a retreat to EXPERIENCE God and help to prepare them for their Sacrament of Confirmation. A day of inspirational & heart changing talks, fun & dynamic activities, praise & worship and personal prayer. The goal of the day is to give candidates a REAL ENCOUNTER with the Risen Lord.

hopestone-confirm-icon Confirmation Packages


Gr. 7 Before, during of after the Confirmation Program

We invite parishes to book their confirmation retreats for whichever is the most suitable time for your group. Retreats can run weekday and weekend. Advise us when booking how your program will run and we can work together for the best time for the retreat.


Pre-Program Retreat and Post-Confirmation Retreats

We invite parishes to book two retreats for their candidates. HopeStone offers a pre retreat which will set the tone for learning about Confirmation and a post Confirmation retreat for following up after their anointing. Contact us for more in-depth details about this option.


Full day retreat rates are dependent on number of confirmation candidates.

HopeStone wants to ensure the quality of the retreat and experience. We can ensure this by keeping our ratios of candidates to our team smaller. This allows for a personal experience for each candidate on the retreat.

Contact us to arrange your retreat today!