What makes HopeStone Retreats different?

Our team at HopeStone is a passionate group of individuals that are eager to give youth and young adults an opportunity to experience our Catholic faith during their retreats.
Our team has gone through a vigorous training program, where they are mentored and trained by Peter and Stacey.  Speakers have been given one on one direction for their personally tailored talks to ensure proper Catechesis and Church Doctrine.

Part of our program includes personal stories, saintly stories, relational ministry, focused prayer times, small group and physical activities that support our teaching components. God gave us different senses to examine and understand the beauty that is Him and we pull on those senses to relay those messages and lessons.

Follow up after Retreats

Follow up after retreats is something that HopeStone hopes to address and master in terms of giving youth and young adults a continued sense of support and shoulder to journey with. We will continue to push our resources into making this a reality.

Does your parish have a YOUTH MINISTER?

Awesome!!! We would like to work with the youth minister and have them join our team for the day. Giving both the students and youth minister the time to connect.

Let our Team Journey with you.

Let our team journey with you, your parish and youth.

Our product is the experience.  Learn more about our Retreats & Programs and contact us if you have any questions!